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What events do you offer makeup & hair services for?

We love getting lovely ladies ready for all different kinds of events, from birthdays to galas, maternity shoots to baby showers and of course, weddings! We also offer makeup & hair services for production shoots.

Do you do both makeup & hair on my Wedding day?

Yes I can do both makeup & hair on your wedding day. It is recommended that hair and makeup be completed 1-2 hour before you need to leave for your ceremony, 2-3 hours if you have a first look. For smaller bridal parties (1-3 people) this is generally enough time to do both hair and makeup. For larger bridal parties (4+), it might be necessary for my team and I to split the services.

Do you offer bridal previews?

Absolutely! Bridal previews are extremely important for both hair and makeup. All though they are not required I highly recommend them, this is a chance for you to try out the style that you are imagining for yourself and to see if it is exactly what you want to look like. Hair and makeup are a very personal and individual way of expressing who you are and must be tailored to your own style and to flatter your specific features. The peace of mind that you will gain from your trial means that on your wedding day you can relax and not add any stress by having to make extra decisions and timing will run much more smoothly.

Where do bridal previews take place?

Bridal previews take place at our studio located at 9995 SW 72 Street, Suite 206, Miami, FL 33173.

How long does a bridal preview take?

A preview for both hair and makeup approx. 3 hours. Makeup only or Hair only approx. 1-2 hours. The trial is a time where we chat and work together to get the look you want and to make any minor changes until you are completely happy!

What should I bring to my trial?

Any accessories that you are planning to wear on the day - hair pieces, your veil, earrings. I also recommend wearing white to your trial so that you won’t have any colors on that will clash with your makeup look and influence how you feel about it.

Can I bring someone along to my trial?

Due to COVID bridal previews will be a one on one with bride + artist.

How much time is scheduled for Makeup & Hair on my wedding day?

Brides makeup & hair will take approx. 2-3 hours. Bridesmaids & guest will have 45-60 minutes per service scheduled.

How far do you travel?

I love to travel! Take me around the world! Travel fees are based on distance and location.

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